About Us

Yuka Yachting is a company that manufactures local boat prices in the world with the same quality principles as branded companies in the Classic yacht segmen. The business concept of the company always cares about product quality after commercial concerns.With this mission, our company takes positive feedback from both the domestic and overseas fairs and its end users.

The Company


In 2009 by Kerem Tuncer First Class 3 carbon Kevlar Catamaran type racing boats brought sound in the sector and presently as the only professional racing boat manufacturer in Turkey and the world market still Order.In 2010, Yuka yacht, which joined the Kral Yacht Company with its models, serves with permanent skilled personnel of 38 persons.In the last four years, 57 pieces of the production line has been introduced by the user.

Refit Services

Our Refit Services

Besides the Yukayat brand, Benetti, Apremare, Pershing and similar world brands, as well as domestic production from 7 meters to 55m in boats, General Refit works successfully.We provide refit service items: Polyester, Winlester, composite, carbon paint, lacquer, lacquered carpenter, furniture mechanic, plumbing electrical, electronic chrome, stainless plexiglass, glass flooring, awning

Yuka Classic
Yuka Lobster
Yuka RIP
YRace Catamaran

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